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Toenail Fungus got you down?

Choosing a remedy that will function for you will require a bit of patience on your part, but it will undoubtedly be worth it since toenail fungus may be the symptom of greater illness in your body. If you are still struggling with toe fungus right now and your adventure to procuring a cure has not been a notable one, then read on..

It is so easy to get toe nail fungus, and so very difficult to get rid of it! Almost everyone who has every contacted this fungus will tell you the same thing. What is toenail fungus? Well, in short, it is basically a fungi that grows right under your nail plate. The fungus prefers an environment that is moist, dark and warm, which is why it affects the toenails much more often than fingernails. Despite the commonly used term “fungal toenails”, Onychomycosis is the clinical term which describes both fungus and yeast infections in the nail.

Unfortunately toenail fungus is difficult to treat because your feet are warm, in a dark environment and moist. If you work in a hot, humid and dirty environment, toenail fungus will be a common problem.


There are many highly successful non-surgical treatments for fungus toenails that can provide long term relief by treating the abnormal infection. These include anti-fungal topical treatments such as Tolnaftate (which comes in creams or polishes), or topical oils such as tea tree oil. Potassium iodide (SSKI) in combination with DMSO is also known to be quite effective in getting rid of toenail fungus. These may provide symptom relief which may last several months, or even be permanent. However, if the conditions that led to the fungus are not addressed, the infection will likely return.

It's important to understand that toenail fungus is merely a symptom of a fungal infection in the body. You can treat the individual nail, but the fungus is likely to return if you neglect to treat the origins of the fungal infection to begin with.

A fungal infection is a result of fungus spores in the bloodstream, which if not eliminated could result in further symptoms.  There are over the counter formulas such as Keragenis or Clavusil which will help eliminate fungal infections from the body.

It's important to note that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Here are 5 steps to prevent fungal infections:

1. Keep your feet clean and dry

2. Don't walk around barefoot, especially in public spaces like locker rooms or swimming pools or spas.

3. Wear lightweight and breathable socks

4. Keep your nails thin and trimmed. A podiatrist or pedicurist can help keep your nails in good shape.  (A pedicurist is not a doctor and toenail fungus is a medical condition, so only use a pedicurist for nail maintenance.)

5. Avoid Homemade remedies.  If you have a fungal infection, it's a good idea to visit your dermatologist or podiatrist for proper diagnosis and techniques for prevention and symptom relief.